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Is a Pentium 820 a good CPU?

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Is a Pentium 820 able to handle Games good and OC.... cuase i can get one for 160$. Plz tell me anything bad about ... THANKS

i want to know if its GOOD overall aswell
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i have on of the 820 and a 840. but i havent put themm in to the the same setups so i cant really tell you that one is noticable faster then the other one accuretly. i can tell you that a 840 in a p5nd2sli deluxe is a TON faster then a 820 in a p5ld2 deluxe. when folding with two apps going the 820 will seem real laggy. maybe a differant story if i put in the good board. hope that helps. oh yeah i can get it to 3.4ghz easly on air, but its HOT HOT HOT (high 60's full load cranked up but auto volt).
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