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Is a Pentium 820 a good CPU?

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Is a Pentium 820 able to handle Games good and OC.... cuase i can get one for 160$. Plz tell me anything bad about ... THANKS

i want to know if its GOOD overall aswell
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The only problem that I can see with this particular processor is that it does not support EIST (Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology). This means that it can not reduce voltage and clock speeds when it is not being used. This would save power and decrease thermal output. It is not extremely important but it is good to have.

As for the processor itself yes its a good processor, 90nm technology with a decent amount of cache.
As this processor is a dual core not all of its processing power can be put to use in many applications, as they can not use two physical cores efficiently.
Another thing to think about is that you are sharing a 800MHz FSB speed (200MHz bus) with two processors that will both want a decent amount of bandwith for data transfer. This means that less bandwith can be sent to each processor as it will be shared (depending on each core usage).

Apart from these points its a very good processor, especially for its price.
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