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Sorry about the cheeky title for this thread, but it is a serious question. My mom needs a new computer, at the same time, I am building a new one for myself, thinking of passing this one to her. It is a Core 2 Duo 3.0 E8400 Wolfdale. OC'ed to 3.8 on air. (zalman) 4G RAM, Intel X25 80G SSD, 3 1T drives HAF 922 case, nice Gigabyte board. Windows 7 64 bit. I built it a year or so ago, tested it extensively with Everest another stress test software. it runs absolutely rock solid stable, has only crashed twice since it was built. It feels to me like a great computer, all two cores of it. I do not remember the temps, they were consistently low so I just stopped monitoring them.

Question is, I need some money for this to build my next computer so I think $500 is a fair price for her, with a fresh OS load, and some good software. I am concerned that this computer (the CPU) will not be excessively obsolete in a years time. Shouldthis computer serve her well for the next few years? She sometimes works with Photoshop files, as well as Illustrator.

I think it may be good for her, but I consider myself relatively uneducated about computers in the big scheme of things, which is why I love this forum and it's members!

What do you think, a good computer for her or not? Can she survive on 2 cores with what will be happening in the next couple of years, or should she get an 17-920 (kind of out of her budget which is why she is still running a 6 year old computer at the moment)

Thank you in advance for your comments.

( forgive me for not just giving it to her)

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Yeah its fine.
I am actually doing the same, giving my old rig with the E8400(stock) and 9600GT 1GB SLI to my parents. total overkill but you never know, my parents might start playing WOW.

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Originally Posted by 2thAche;13109239
More than enough, unless she's a professional video editor.
This. I'm surprised you're even considering an i7. My dad's been dreaming about having my E8200 for years.
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