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Is Auslogics Disk Defrag a good defragger?

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I'd like to know this, so thanks for helping...
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Yes it is excellent. I used it after reading in CPU magazine that it is a great and fast tool. It hasn't disappointed me in a 3 months so far.
For Vista, just use the included defragger. MaximumPC showed that it works the best.
I love ADD. Just make sure you go into the options and set the CPU usage to maximum. I can defrag a 250GB drive in about 10 minutes
auslogics is good for quick defrags, but it does not compact the files on the disk. as others stated vista is good, if you want one that allows you to view the progress try smart defrag..
I haven't tried Auslogic but I'm sure that it's better than the default Windows disk defragger.
I agree with warensemble that SmartDefrag is worth trying, I've used it myself for about 6 months with no problems at all. As well as defragging the HDD it also claims to optimise the system for faster program startup. Here's a link for it:- http://www.iobit.com/iobitsmartdefrag.html#
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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