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Originally Posted by Rukkee

Howdy all, I have a thermaltake 745 , it has a 400/lph pump , and 2 radiators . I live in buffalo NY , and i have my radiators next to a window that i can open to have access to below 0c air. Ive been seeing 16-17C idle time ,and 30-32 load temps. Is there a chance of condensation when the chipset is around 40C.? Im just worried about the temp differences between the cpu and other parts of the pc . I cant get a chipset block on it cause my 7800 sits on the chipset fan . Do you guys think it will hurt anything , or should i just keep the window closed ? My 3700 is running @2915 (265X11) @1.5 v and it does get up around 41C with the window closed. Thx rukkee

Those are like the same exact temps I am getting. I thought they would be lower then that, considering I am doing pretty much the same thing as you, except I have a air duct going to my rad, sucking in the cold air. Its good to know I am not having a problem with my cooling system. And that someone else has exactly the same temps as me. But I really do think that the temps are lower then, 30-32°C temps, my rad is like really really cold, I think its just the variations in the temp readings on this board. Cause I am using the same CPU, same MOBO, and Graphics card as you. Anyways, I don't think you have to worry about condensation, because the dew point at like like 2°C is like -6°C, so unless you are getting -6°C temps don't worry about it and just overclock it as much as you can.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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