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Is it possible to reformat/reinstall OS on an imac?

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Recently 4 older 2011/2012 imac were donated to me from a business that was going to e-waste them. I figured I could put SSDs in them and resell them as used or something, but I am learning that is not simple at all.

First off, I know imacs are a pain to take apart but I have already done that many time to upgrade a working HDD to an SSD by simply cloning it, but it seems that without being able to clone the original disk it's basically impossible.

I am trying to do with with a model EMC 2544

So first I tried just putting an SSD in and booting to the recovery mode, but it seems this mac doesn't have a built in internet recovery option so nothing happened when I tried the "r" command. I used the "alt" command and I can see the drive but that's it. It also lets me sign into wifi, but doesn't give me any other options.
So next I tried putting the original drive back in just to see if I could do some kind of clean install off the recovery partition.
When I boot from the recovery partition, I go to the recovery option to reinstall the OS, it asks me to sign in with an Apple ID. It doesn't ask me for an administrator password, just an Apple ID. I made an apple ID just for this and when I sign in, it give me an error, something like "not available at this time"

I don't understand why it needs me to connect to the internet when I am booting from the recovery partition. I don't believe this model even has the internet recovery option, or if it does I have not been able to bring it up.

Is there no easy way to just pop an SSD in a mac and reinstall the OS? I don't have another working mac to use to download the OS versions, if the older ones are even still available. Can I use install DVDs? Most of the imacs I have don't even have DVD drives but I could get an external one for this if needed.
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