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So I literally was given a Corsair FORCE GT 120GB. Brand new, so I guess you could say I have a really nice uncle

This is my first time ever dealing with an SSD as I never really had any itch to get one in the
first place. Always thought they were a bit unnecessary for me unless I got one for free. And
that happened.... So anyways, I am wanting to do a fresh install of Windows 7 PRO on the
SSD and use that as my boot drive as seeing videos on YouTube, it shows the incredible
minimal amount of time it takes for the OS to boot from the SSD. Now, all I want to do is use
the SSD for my OS and some programs here and there. The only other drive I have is my
500GB HDD, and of course this is where all my media, games, etc. files will be held. I don't
want to reformat the drive to wipe it from having the old OS.

So my question is, is it really necessary to remove the OS on the HDD? I just want to use the
HDD as my main storage. That and if the SSD starts to fail, I'll already have an OS on the
HDD ready to go. Browsing through threads and hearing make a partition this, partition that,
move user etc. here and there, I really don't feel like going crazy complicated like that.
But if need be, I guess I'll have to.

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You don't have to, just disable it in the bootloader for Windows when you install the new Win7 (tons of programs that can do it easily).

Main setting needed is the boot order in BIOS.

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You don't need to, but you will have to just link the user folders at least for your personal data. Programs on the old install will not work on the new one also.
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