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Is it too late to get Windows 7?

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So is it too late to get Windows 7 64 bit for free now?

And how's the performance for gaming compared to Vista 64 bit?

And how stable has it been for gaming?
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It is too late for the last release, but a new one comes out in April I believe. It is very stable although it wouldn't install on my sig rig. I think I have a hard drive error though. Worked great on my laptop.
you can still get keys from MS or anywhere on the net. MS isn't offering it for d/l but the last release is allover the net... private sites/torrents
just download it on a torrent. keys are freely available since they are universal ones.
and as far as gaming stability goes, so far its been working pretty good for my games. But I have heard that punkbuster will not work because it requires the OS to be officially released.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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