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Is it worth it to get a "second generation" draft AC router today?

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I am currently using a dual router setup. main router buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH 2.4Ghz only, good range, runs dd-wrt, doesn't have 5Ghz band. no problems so far. and a Linksys E2500 as a repeater bridge for the 5Ghz, bad range on both bands, bad speed on the 2.4Ghz, and no gigabit ports.

Thinking of buying either the Asus RT-N66U or Linksys EA6300 to consolidate into one router. both are similarly priced today ~$125. I am not ready to drop $190 on the Asus AC66U.

Asus N66U, good reviews all around, seems like a solid router. usb 2.0 only.
Linksys EA6300, Second generation Broadcom-based draft 802.11ac router with dual core processor and usb 3.0.

I do not have any AC devices currently, but might pick up a HTC ONE (has AC radio) later this year depending on the specs and availability on the Nexus 5. That and I don't upgrade my routers often, so I might have more AC devices down the road. One of the features I am looking for the new router is the DLNA server to stream movies to my PS3 in the living room, that's why I mentioned N66U only having USB 2.0.
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