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Is Lucid Hydra still a feasible technology?

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A few years ago I heard MSI released a few X58 board equipped with Lucid Hydra technologies. How were these boards doing? Are there any P67/Z68 board release recently equipped with this technology? Or is it gradually disappearing? I am still very interested in this technology and I hope it has a bright future.
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My board has that technology, but I never used it. At that time, I heard simple crossfire or SLI scaling is much better and so just bought myself 2 X 6950 and did not look back.
Well, last I heard Lucid Hydra was pretty much a joke. Really the only thing recently released that uses it successfully is the Powercolor 6870 x2, which uses a lucid chip. The potential is there, though.
The issues with Lucid Hydra where that you had to have specific configurations and the performance wasn't as good as like an NF200 or just plain old 16x/16x SLI. But for P67 its really the only way to do more than 3 GPUs and only MSI's Big bang marshall p67 has it.
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