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Is MS Security Essentials good enough?

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My mom's computer has been using Symantec as the AV and she also uses Spybot too. Will MS Security Essentials be good enough with respect to antivirus/spyware to replaced both these?
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Seems to work good for this desktop I'm on right now.

I do a deep scans at 4am everyday.
Plus its free.

Also if you do go to MSE make sure to remove the others, to many AV's makes a PC go crazy.
I've been using MSE for about a month now and I like it. Then again I haven't had a virus in 6 or 7 years and before using this product didn't even have any antivirus installed for 3-4 years. So I can't really say on how well it protects. But I do know this, anytime I've seen an older computer of someones running super slow with Norton installed, uninstalling Norton speeds it up exponentially. Norton is a major resource hog, there are plenty of free suites that do just as good job and don't take as much resources to run. I recommend against Norton.
No AV is good as using common sense. That said, MSE is a solid product with low system resource usage (surely lower than Symantec AVs). I like it. If you don't go crazy downloading everything in sight, any decent AV product is going to work.

So yes, it IS good enough.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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