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No matter what I do this is the only option that makes my OCs stable in some games (BC2 for example). Turning it off causes a random hard lockup sounding like a BSOD but no bsod occures. With it on, flawless. Heat doesn't seem to be an issue either. 82c was the highest temp I got and it didn't last long as it went back down to 77c fairly fast. The only thing is its constantly forcing 1.25v on my MSI r6850 PE, and I don't know if this would hurt or not. Its still underclocking for idle, but the voltage stays at my set value.

Thinking about trying lower voltages to see if I can get it stable, as I just decided to jump to a voltage. From what I read people had to push the voltage pretty high to get it stable, but did not say if they were using forced or not.

edit: lowering voltages with forced didn't stay so I guess I need 1.25v+ to keep stable. I am increasing my vram and aux voltage slightly, and trying to see if I can get it stable.

I'm using Bad company 2 as my main way to test for stability, as this seems to now be the only game to cause a crash/hard lockup.

edit: The hard lockups are being caused by Punkbuster, still. Its crashing me because of the low level detection on MSI AB. No matter what I do it crashes at exactly 15minutes. Just going to revert to my 925/1125 clocks I had without needing extra voltage.
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