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Is RAM running at 3:2 alright?

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I just got this 3.4 and oc'ed it to 4.11 and when I look at the ram its at 3:2 and I can't seem to change it. Is it possible that the DDR400 is in need of replacing? Or is it just how its going to be. I would like to run a bit closer to a 1:1. The ram Mhz are only at 161 and is 200mhz ram so am I missing something here? I have had the ram oced @226Mhz with the 2.4 oced to 3.2 so if I am missing something please help...thanks
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Your board ran a 3:2 fsb/dram divider since acroding to the ram timings it has no chance to run at 242mhz (effective ddr484) so if you want to keep a 1:1 ratio upgrade the ram or lower the fsb speed and/or loosen the ram timings to 3-4-4-8 to get to a stable 1:1 ratio which is recomended for intel rigs.
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