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Is something wrong with my Intel E7400?

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Hello all.

I'm having a issue with my E7400, I don't know why its running so hot, or if the temp its running at is normal?

I'm still very new to over-clocking and just built myself a new pc.
I'm running everything with stock coolers.

I've over-clocked the E7400 to 3Ghz. with 286fsb, it runs at 35°C idle, and under a stress test in prime95, it hits 57°C-60°C

The Voltage is set to auto in the bios, so when idle its at 1.264V, and under stress, 1.272V.

I tried over clocking it to 3.5, at 333fsb (3.5ghz) and its idle temp was around 33C and under stress it reached 66C.

But i wanted to know 2 things:

1. I use the asus AI tools that controls the fan speed and shows load and temps, and that's what i been using to monitor temps, since its a asus board. But when i look at the temps with "real temp" or "core temp" they are about 10C higher. so which one should i trust?

2. what is the "safe" temp range for this processor, and what is its maximum? since I'm still new to over-clocking i dont know what's safe and what's not, since the processor doesn't tell me.

Any help is welcomed, and since i have only changed the fsb speed. i'm not sure if i must change anything else.
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I'm over-clocked to 3.5 right now, and did a test with core temp and it hit 73C+ and went under 30tjmax. so i think I'm going to just run it at 3GHZ for now. because i am planing on buying the Gigabyte G-POWER COOLER PRO or the Gigabyte G-POWER COOLER II PRO. but that's when i have money available.

Since I'm going to stick with 3ghz, would it be better for me to turn on speed steeping and C1E? (since i have it disabled now)

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He is using Real Temp, that is the whole point of the post.
Actually i'm using The asus Tool and real temp to monitor temps, that's why i was asking opinions because asus tools report 10C less in heat then real temp.
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