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Is the GTX 650ti Boost a good card?

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Hey all,

I've been recently looking around for a graphic's card. I've spent quite a bit of time comparing and just looking in general of card's that I can buy. I have a budget of $400 to fix up my Computer to the standard's of gaming today. The PC is a Intel i5 650 with a Gigabyte motherboard that can Crossfire.

Looking at my $400 I need to buy a bit of stuff, CPU Cooling, Fans, Ram & a Graphic's card. I want to spend up to $250 for my card, but I could push it an increase to $300 if it was worth the increase.

If you'd like to make any recommendation please realise I'm located in Australia and shop from shop's such as MSY, but other shop's are okay. I can pick up from MSY though.

I'm not sure what I want, but I have an Idea of what I can get for my budget, and a little confused on the AMD or Nvida side too. I found a nice MSI 650ti Boost card with 'Twin Frozr' for just $198.

But then with a budget that I can afford a more expensive card am I better to jump to something such as the 660 OC by Gigabyte? MSI have a 660ti OC for $239, but it lack's the dual fans.

Here is a link to the card's in my budget.

Thank's for reading, hoping to get some input.
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HD 7950 ,300$ before rebates.Best P/P ratio card.
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