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hello guys -

i want to make list for computers in my network with hostname and mac (labs ,rooms,offices,etc)

is there a program with these features?
scan my network (all vlans)
show mac address
show hostname
export details (ip,mac,hostname)
realtime scan
if computer in domain or in workgroup

i tried many prgrams to monitor computer in my network

mylanviwer (very good but not scanning in real time)
networkmagic (not scan all vlans)
ip scanner (very basic)

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I use UpTime Software at work... it has all sorts of custom scripting you can do to monitor almost anything at all (SQL, Ram, Drive capacity, processes, apps, Exchange, IIS, etc...). It can work with an installed agent, WMI, or scripting.


I use it to cover about nine different subnets and Vlans... it also works well with virtual systems. It can monitor network devices, storage arrays, etc.. just about anything).

It also has a lot of great reporting features.. great for SOX reporting, SLA's, and budget justification.

It is not very expensive... if you have a decent budget. Assuming this request is for work? It is also pretty easy to setup.

Any questions, let me know.
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