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Is this 3D Mark 06 Score OK ?

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Hi guys . I runed my firt 3D mark benchmark , ad i got 13601 scores . Is this a good score ?
PS: ony the CPU is a bit OC ed ( from 2.6 to 2.86 GHZ ) , the GPU not .

Validation :
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Not bad, give that 620 some more megahurtz and your score will go up quite a bit.
Run with default settings. I noticed you changed the resolution which gives you different results than everyone else so its harder to compare.
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its about right yeah, but its a little on the low side from what I would expect from a 4870. overclock your cpu a little and that will boost it for sure
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check out hwbot.org and compare it to other cards to get a good idea
It's not bad but I think it would be better in Win XP the 7 but not sure. I do 15866 with the same card but my CPU is OC'd so I think that where the difference is. OC you cpu and it will get better!!
Not bad but o'c that 4870!
Here's mine with my old 8800GT o'cd

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Originally Posted by kow_ciller View Post
Change resolution back to default.
do this OP, I just noticed that your resolution was modified. change it to the default 1280x1024 setting and run it again. that could help as well
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I made a new test with normal settings . Almost 14 K

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cpu bottleneck for now, since scores didn't really change the CPU is lagging behind.
Definitely your CPU. I get just over 12K with only an 8800GT. The real question you should ask is "are my game framerates OK?" As long as you can play what you need to, I don't put much stock into benchmark scores.
Crysis DX 10 Max 1440x960 40-50 Fps . I wont oc my CPU , and my GPU for now , cuz i have a mid quality PSU . Next month i will buy a 850 W Chieftech CFT-850G-DF PSU , and an Artic Coller Freezer XTREME rev2.0 cpu cooler . And after that .... SOME OC'ing
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