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Is this believable or is my core sensor messed up?

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It is not out of the realm of possibility.

Have you compared the readings to other utilities?

CoreTemp or Everest?
I think the real question is how on earth can you be comfortable at 18* C.
lol....18c is almost 65F......i wear a sweatshirt or something long sleeved.

and yes I have compared and compared, and I do have a rather ridiculous amount of fans going.................................
that's intake blowing on the back of the cpu/mobo


And this is the inside.....


.......yes, that is blood. The little fan attacked me!
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What does your BIOS reading state the temperature is?
heh is that blood on the inside of the side panel? I likey!
BIOS reading is purportedly with a load (approx. 70~80%?... I have never confirmed, but empirically speaking it seems to be true).

What are the Load temps that your utilities are reading?

Can you discern a trend or consistency (accounting for variation)?
when I race GTLegends Core temp reports a high of about 50-52c right now it say a high of 41c. I think the BIOS reading sounds about right if it's true that it runs the CPU at 75-80%.

the reason I really question the readings is because I am OC'd 500mHz and the voltage is up from stock 1.35 to 1.475v
The answer is that the core temp sensor is messed up on that 3700 chip.

Now that I installed my Opty 170 the Core temps are about 2 degrees higher than the CPU reading @ idle. This makes a lot more logical sense to me.
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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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