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Is this build compitible?

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Hey, is this build compatible? Will it all fit in an Mid tower ATX case?









I have an ATX Mid tower case already, a mouse, keyboard, hard drive, dvd drive, and case fans.

Also looking for a monitor for under $150 with DVI, and D-Sub.

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Yup that all looks good to go!
As for a monitor, I found some good ones that may be a bit higher than the price you wanted to pay but here's what I suggest:



But something a little more in your range:

Thanks for the help. As you can probably tell I am trying to go as cheap as I can lol. I like the last monitor you suggested.

Also, what is the reccomended wattage for that build?
Bump, can anyone tell me fast, im ordering this all soon, want to see if theres any better deals I can get in this price range.
I doubt you will need any more power than what the PSU you want provides.
Ok thanks, i hope a 500W will be good, because i found a cheaper one.
500W should be fine, even with a (lower end mind you) GPU.

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Ok thanks, i hope a 500W will be good, because i found a cheaper one.

What cheaper one? There are a lot of PSU's out there that are cheap but not as many that provide good quality.
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One off newegg that was on sale for $30 made by a company called Apex i think. It had good reviews and i used a psu calculator, it said I only needed about 350-400watts for what I bought so i said why not.

Anyway I ordered the first monitor you showed me, thanks for the help. Everything came out to be under $400 (damn sales tax).
500W will do fine. That's what i use and i seem to have to troubles with all the things i use!
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