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I started getting these weird lines on my screen a couple of days ago

I checked device manager and it says that windows has stopped this device.

I tried all of following:
- I used a driver display uninstaller from guru3d and installed the latest driver
- I reseatted the gpu
- I changed out my DVI wire
- I put my bios to default
- I baked the video card

My motherboard's DVI works fine.
I cannot RMA because the previous owner used it for water cooling and I had to buy a aftermarket replacement fan
Also, the idle temperature is around 32C (taken today)

Does anyone have any other suggestions before I go ahead and replace this card?

a10 6800k
550w corsair
4gb gskill ddr3 1600
asrock extreme 6
250gb western digital hd
asus 560ti dcii

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Originally Posted by iinversion View Post

Using a heat gun is more reliable and less risky than baking it. Not to mention you don't have to deal with the smell.

Also.. if you have an A10 why don't you just run games on the APU in the meantime? Won't be the best but you should still be able to play on low settings.
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