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Is this card reader any good?

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its todays shell shocker and my girlfriend is thinking of getting one but I'm not sure if its really any good
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You can't really go wrong with card readers... As long as they read the card, it works fine. This model has been on Newegg for as long as I remember, and seems to be solid. If you need a cheap one that works, I would suggest this.
I bought it for my girlfriend, and it's still working fine with her. To be honest, I think any brand card reader will do; I haven't seen a real difference between them.

I use a SuperTalent, she a Rosewill, and they both still work fine. The only difference we have different models is because each respective model was just the cheapest at the time we bought them.
It looks exactly one I bought recently (though mine was a different make). If it's the same, then the SD and Pro Duo cards sort of stick out a bit, but the reader itself is fine if that doesn't bother you.
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