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is this memory any good?

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well I had some memory die on me over the weekend (only cost me 10$ so idc) and im looking for some more memory then, I already have 2 gigs of crucial ballistex tracer ddr2 800 5-5-5-15 memory and I was looking to add another 2 gigs to get back up to 4GB would that memory I linked to be a good idea, I do have my memory slightly over clocked (by like 90 mhz) so I can get 4GHZ on my cpu

Another small thought i had was to get a another good 4GB kit for a about 40-50$ and have 6GB of memory but I dont think that this would help performance at all

or should i sell my tracer ram and get something like this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820231145
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You shouldn't mix memory brands. At least in my opinion, you should stick to the same brand with the same timings, speeds, voltages, and cas latency. The RAM you linked (the first set), to my knowledge, is just a set of budget RAM. If you want something good that will last, you could look into any of these:
I've heard very good things and very bad things about super talent, but I recall that the ones that look like walmart overclock very well

If you can afford it though I would go for some mushkin or g.skill sets
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lol not sure if i would trust super talent with my ram. But it is dirt cheap, so if it breaks, just buy a new set.

I would go with G Skill pi, Corsair dominators, or OCZ platinums.

remember, you get what you pay for. I need backup ram, maybe i will go for those super talent sticks since it is so cheap.
OC RAM 90Mhz brand does not matter mixing does not matter. Get whatever is cheapest.

Only 5 companies in the world make the DRAM that is the main component of your RAM DIMM anyway. So let us not kid ourselves on the importance of matching RAM and better RAM.

Also all RAM you buy should come with a lifetime guarantee.
I would sell what you got already and get some more memory.The suggested memory above is all good memory.I am partial to the OCZ stuff myself but the others are all good stuff too.Get what your pocket can afford.
hmm i guess ill get the DDR 1000 Gskill thanks for ur help guys

EDIT The 1066 ram dosent say chipset p45 under the features does this mean its not compatible ?

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EDIT The 1066 ram dosent say chipset p45 under the features does this mean its not compatible ?

No it does not mean it is incompatible (so many double negatives I am confused?). It should work fine. RAM has nothing to do with chipsets other than if correct type.
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