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Is this possible?

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OK, I ordered an X-Fi XtremeMusic from the Amazon deal, and I'm dying to install it and check it out. I currently have an Audigy 2 ZS Platinum. At first I was going to play a few games, play some songs, and watch some intense action clips from certain DVD's with the Audigy installed. Then, remove that card and drivers, and install the X-Fi. Now I'm wondering if there is a way to keep both cards in to test.

What I was thinking was to create a separate login. Then, disable the Audigy. Shut down, put the X-Fi in, and then when I reboot, log in with the new login, and install the drivers for the X-Fi. I just thought that would be a better way to possibly even switch back and forth to get a better idea of the difference, if any.

I'm pretty sure it's not possible, but figured if anyone know a way to do it, or something similar, this would be the place to ask!

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This is a recipe for disaster. You should uninstall everything from the old card and install everything for your new card after. there is a totally different set of mixers/consoles etc for your new card. The naming scheme for the driver components are similar and you may end up using Audigy files when you need an X-FI and vice versa.

Nah, if you want to switch back and forth you'll have to actually switch the cards.

You may be able to leave both cards physically in but just uninstall and reinstall the corresponding driver. I wouldn't recommend it though because Windows 7 is driver install happy and will continue to enable devices even after you manually remove them.
I figured as much, but it never hurts to ask.
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You can setup another hardware profile for the new card(and disable the old one in that profile) and switch between the two profiles, keeping both in the machine. It's not worth the trouble imo though. I'd just take the old one out and put new in. You should know what your old one sounds like by now anyway
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