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Hi all,
im going to be rebuilding my rig in the next 2 weeks just ordered some upgrades this weekend.

Thing is my psu wont be able to cope with what i will have in my rig.

I have used an online calculator to try and figure out if this psuwill be enough but i cant enter all my components as i use both ATI and Nvidia cards in my rig(Nvidia for physx)and the calculator doesnt allow to both at same time.

Heres what my rig will be:

Gigabyte X58A-UD7
i7 930 hopefully to run @4.2Ghz 24/7
6gb Kingston HyperX T1 2000Mhz
2x5870/plexi block @1ghz 24/7
1x8800Gtx/plexi block
6xYate Loon D12SH-12 2200RPM 120mm Fan
Nzxt Sentry fan controller
XSPC Dual 750 Bay Reservoir & Pump
1xLG 22x Dual layer DVD RW Sata drive
2xSamsung F1 320gb sata drives
Also will be a 60gb ssd but not ordered yet as im still choosing

Now im thinking i should be ok with everything overclocked on this psu,id just like some opinions of what you guys reckon before i pull the trigger.

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Yeah, you're fine. Don't go adding any more GPUs, but I don't see that configuration being an issue for that unit.
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