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Is this real? gasp

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If this is true. I'm JUMPING on this RAM. PC2-7200! SO CHEAP! omg.

Oh yeah I'd like to know how it overclocks too if that's possible =D

Also do Kingston's HyperX memory modules carry Micron D9 chips? I doubt it, what with them being so cheap.. worth it to ask though. There's some PC6400 here for £158 with no VAT.. which is what my dad would pay hehe
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that isent that cheap well i guess it is for the uk
It is cheap considering a good set of PC6400 RAM costs upwards of £200

Originally Posted by swayne View Post
that isent that cheap well i guess it is for the uk
400 dollars? That's cheap compared to Corsair Dominators, for 660 dollars.
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Kingston are NOTORIOUS for faulty DIMMs, jsut so you know!
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Originally Posted by ****erfx View Post
Get this instead:

That's too expensive
From Insight my dad doesn't have to pay VAT if he orders through work.

If only Insight carried Cellshock ram. Sigh.

Anyway, I do believe that the HyperX on Insight is indeed PC7200. I checked it against the Manufacturer code on Kingston's website and they match up

Woo. I hope my Dad hasn't ordered the GeIL stuff yet..

Also I found out the HyperX's use Infineon chips of some sort. Any idea how these overclock?
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All good overclocking ram has a D9 variant. All the others just can't compare to D9. It doesn't matter really what the stock speed is (unless you know for sure that they are hand picked) as long as they have D9 because they will overclock roughly the same.
Well at least having a stock speed of 450FSB will help my overclock a LOT!

Before I would have had stock at 333 which wouldn't have given me an awful lot of headroom.. maybe I could push the Kingstons to 500FSB which I would be very happy with

Thats if my dad hasn't ordered the Geil yet hehe

Edit: 666 posts. Sppooooookkyyy!
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I don't think that ram overclocks well. I'd just save the money.
Yeah but surely £20 is worth an extra 120FSB stock speed?

And how would the GeIL overclock exactly? Would that be able to reach such speeds at all?
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