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Is this repairable? If so, DIY?

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I had my JVC RX900s plugged into my guitar amp, walked past it and my leg bent the metal connector end. I tried it on my computer and I still get audio, but its only through the right channel and its distorted.



My question is, is this repairable? I found a few guides on Instructables but they all seem to be dealing with much smaller headphones. I was thinking that I could maybe just cut the wire before the plug and solder on a new plug, but I'm not entirely sure... Could this be a professional level repair? The phones were only $50 so i don't wanna spend too much... but losing these headphones would be a big loss for me. I really want to recover them.

Thanks for any input.
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Just get a plug from Radio Shack, cut the old one off and solder the new one on.
Originally Posted by MR KROGOTH;13116501
Or get a pair of pliers and bend them back into shape...
forgot to mention that i did try this... If I push on it while it's plugged in i can make the correct contact but as soon as i remove pressure it reverts.

I'll look into soldering it, are there separate wires for left and right channels or is it just one?
I had the same thing happen to my A700s. I sent them back to Audio Technica to get recabled. You can do it yourself and it isn't too difficult. Also, sometimes headphones benefit from a better cable so you might want to check on head-fi.org and see if anyone has done a cable mod for those headphones.
get a higher quality replacable plug, like the one radio shack sells but with a bit more...... bling!
OMg there is a guy on OCN that has some rx700's that are heavily modded and he recabled his ill try to find him so you can talk to him!
I've had this happen before. Luckily, it was an old set of headphones, so I didn't care.

I have no experience in soldering such thing, and I'm guessing you don't either, so I say your only option is to take it to a shop (if that's still how things are done) and get it done professionally.

Wouldn't cost much.
There will be three wires. Left channel, right channel, and ground. Just get a new plug and maybe some shrink wrap tubing to make it look nice and clean, and it will be like a 5 min solder job.
If you don'to have a soldering iron, RadioShacks have em with little screws at the end of each contact. Heat shrink each connection with adhesive lined heat shrink and you are good to go.
Thanks for the replies, i do have some experience with soldering but not much... I think I could do something simple like this. I'll actually look into doing a recabling, seems like a fun little mod that would make it unique:


Thanks again guys.
Originally Posted by pmrballer123;13116625
OMg there is a guy on OCN that has some rx700's that are heavily modded and he recabled his ill try to find him so you can talk to him!
That would be great!
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Soldering is relatively easy once you get the hang of it. I might be the person that pmrballer123 was referring to but I no longer have those headphones. They did serve me well while I had them though.
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