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ok soo i did my first overclock..

did'nt really know what i was doing but i only knew...

was to change my multiplier and AI cpu voltage and these are the results:



my bios is werid it has this AI cpu thingy "is this AI thing give it the power to the cpu?"

and i clicked it to over clock at 30% frequency

But yea did i overclock right?

if i did can you tell the difference in the second picture.. how much is changed by?

please and thx

Overclock Failed...
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You had Speed Step enabled in the first CPU-Z screen.
It underclocks the computer when it isn't doing a lot of work.
Stock E5300 CPU speed is 2.6 ghz.
So you went from 2.6 ghz to 3.5 ghz.

And you didn't change the multiplier, you changed the FSB
FSB x Multiplier = CPU speed.
In the first screen:
200 (FSB) x 6 (Multi) = 1200 mhz (or 1.2 ghz)
In the seond screen:
270 (FSB) x 13 (multi) = 3510 mhz (or 3.51 ghz)
But in the first screen, if Speed Step didn't kick in, it would be 200 x 13 = 2.6 ghz (the stock speed of an E5300 CPU)
But, FSB x Divider = Memory Speed.
Check the Memory Tab in CPU-Z to see what your memory is doing.
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