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I currently have a watercooling system (for overclocking) that consists of a CPU block and 2 GPU blocks for my crossfire setup.

The pump is an old dangerden 500 L/h 2M lift height or what its called in english
A 2x120mm radiator. pretty standard (not slim)
The hosing is only 8mm internal diameter.

Im getting a used Coolermaster haf932 and i was hoping i could get room for my spare 1x120mm radiator so i can have both radiators connected.

Now.. The idea was getting an EK DCP 4.0 and just that. but should i also get new hosing? maybe 10 or 12mm internal diameter for all this?

If more details are needed to answer this please let me know.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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