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Is this what an OEM disk is suppose to look like?

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I just got mine in the mail today, and it looks as if it'd been melted in the sun, atleast the top film does, it's all wavy around the edges instead of a perfect circle
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It should be like a normal disc, just without the retail box. Did you try to use it? If not, it may have been damaged in the mail.
yes. mine is like that too. nothing to worry about.
Your discs look like they've been attacked with a heatgun?


Or does the weird wavy action of the label on top just make the disc look warped?
here is my disc

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i believe thats how its suppose to look, at least thats how mine is

btw.. the day lightscribe etc type disks can be burned to a hologram type look like that.. the day i pay more for lightscribe capable disks
its totally cool IMO!
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