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Is Ubuntu perfect for me?

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I´ve been using Ubuntu for the past couple of weeks and I´ve fallen in love with Linux to the extent I keep searching for Linux news and I´m pretty satisfied with how much advanced the OS is. However I´m having some issues regarding Dual Screen. I use my netbook for classes presentation using a Projector and almost had fainted yesterday when I had to explain something using the projector and my Ubuntu was acting funny wouldn´t even let me Dual Screen without having artifacts all over the place so what I did was disabled Mirror Screens and put 800x600 resolutions for both screens so there was the cute desktop showing on the projector but on my netbook´s screen it was all ugly and choppy, the theme even wore off and I had a grey panel (like I was running 8 bits).

I don´t really know how I can explain myself better but does this happen with every distro? Is there really a better distro for me other than Ubuntu where it´s easy to install stuff (both terminal and .deb pacakges)? I saw Debian installed on a HP Mini once and it looked really nice.. So should I drop Ubuntu and try Debian or just stick to Ubuntu?

Also, I´m for some reason a fan of the GNOME UI instead of XCFE and X something (forgot it´s name), I think the GNOME looks better for me.

Can´t forget about Arch Linux either! See everyone using it as an advanced distro but it scares the frog out of me to ¨build everything from scratch¨ since I´m not a linux noob yet not a pro. Suggestions ?
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Ubuntu is a Debian-based distro. Debian is great, but if you're having problems with your Ubuntu installation, chances are, the same problems would arise.

If you wanted to sample other "finished product" distros, you could try your luck with OpenSuSE or Fedora. I suggest the latter, as there's a pretty huge following, considering that Fedora has Red Hat roots.
I don't think you will find the solution within Arch Linux. I have tried to do a dual screen, and failed miserably like you. I don't know what the solution is, but it will probably resolved eventually (or you can look for a solution). I am sticking with Ubuntu, and you should at least use Ubuntu for a month or two to get a handle on what desktop managers are good, and commands that you need to learn in the terminal.

Debian is just the skeleton of Ubuntu, and I guess if you want to spend a few hours customizing your Linux, I suppose it is good for you. So far as I know, don't go with Arch Linux, just stick with either Ubuntu or Debian because .deb packages don't give people trouble.
The external monitor works flawlessly (iirc) here for me on a GMA900 by using the hotkeys on my laptop.

You could eventually use a secondary xorg.conf and spawn a secondary X server, but that'd be spanning the display instead of mirroring it.
Unless you play 3d games, ubuntu is an excellent os. It does everything the average computer needs very well. It's stable, fast, and offers free applications for most of your purposes. Can't play dragon age on it though, so I run it in vm.
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