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Issue w/ Converting Strings

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~~Issue Solved ~~

Hello There

I am writing this program in Delphi just to get a better understanding of how string manipulation works. I get stuck on how to do the following, so any help would be useful. Any language, (even english) will work for the explanation on how to do this.

Say we have the following string:


Letters = dividers in the string
Red Numbers = correlates with the length of the set of numbers we want to pull out after the letters.

With that string, after all the manipulation to it has occurred should be:

BEFORE: 1a12a452c232a7810c207606284210b12310959469b162813804
AFTER: 1 45 23 78 2076062842 1231095946 162813804

This is easy to think of, but I cant seem to get the program to agree. Thanks for any help on this issue.
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