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Hey Everyone,

So my Logitech G51s have worked swimmingly for the past two years until this weekend. I installed the Razer Game Booster, and it said my sound card driver needed updating, so I updated it, but now my speakers don't work at all. I've tried rolling back the driver, uninstalling the game booster, everything, but they won't work.

Here's the stranger parts:
When I go in to my "Sound" settings, I can see the icon for what was my speakers there but it says it's unplugged. When I uninstall the driver for it, and restart the computer, the computer notices the speakers, installs the drivers, then says the speakers aren't there. I've tried finding the driver myself but haven't turned up anything.

I honestly have no idea what's going on here, does anyone else? Has anyone else had similar issues?

Thanks in advance,
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