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Just thought I'd post another Opteron OC guys...let me know what you think. Although it's stable, and the temps aren't at all out of line, the NOISE is out of line (damn 80mm in the back of the case, lol). I temporarily pulled it back to 2.5GHz until I can get better (and quieter) cooling, but I have tested it for stability, games included (HL2 64-Bit can pile on the stress
). The temp in 32-bit windows under load never passes 44C, but under 64-bit I have no idea, as the ntune monitor won't run under 64-bit windows. Anyone know one that's 64-bit compatible that will work on the SLI-DR Expert?

AMD Dual-Core Opteron 170 CCBWE 0546XPMW @ 2.70GHz
2x 1GB OCZ Platinum Enhanced Bandwidth PC4000 @ 3-3-2-8-1T (Infineon CE-6)
Vcore - 1.46V
Vdimm - 2.66V
Vldt - 1.20V
Vmcp - 1.56V (have it pulled up from 1.52, but don't know if it really needs it)
HTT - 300MHz
HT Multi - 3x
CPU Multi - 9x
Mem Divider - 9/11
Mem Freq - 245.5MHz

Known load temps from 32-bit Windows...
CPU - 44C
PWM - 42C
MCP - 51C
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