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[J&R] Asus Eee PC 1000HE Netbook Blue $347.79 shipped after MS Live CB

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ZipZoomFly has the blue 1000HE for $369.99 shipped. Use Microsoft Live to get 6% cashback which brings the price to $347.79. I have the blue 1000HE and absolutely love it (see this thread for pictures). Just a couple things I love about is the chiclet style keyboard (it's a pleasure to type on), long long battery life, and the glossy blue case really looks amazing (it's much darker in real life).
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Update: ZipZoomFly is now the cheapest at $349.99 shipped up front (vs $369.99 shipped at J&R) and $342.99 after 2% MS Live cashback (vs $347.79 after cashback at J&R). The after cashback price isn't hugely different ($4.80 to be exact) but the up front cost is a nice $20 cheaper.

Upadate #2: The ZZF deal is over so I put the J&R info back up.
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