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[Jack in the Box] Free Fries and Soda 3/10 Only

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Found the coupon on Slickdeals tonight. Print it out and use it up for the day!

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Their monster tacos and chili cheese curly fries are the bomb, yo.
I'm going at midnight tonight to see if they'll honor it.

EDIT: Success! They honored it!
did i miss something how is this an online deal?
It's online. It's a deal. Yeah, you have to leave the house to use it and it's not a tech item, but it's free food. I appreciate these deals, my almost free Arby's sandwich and free premium Quizno's sub (both posted on here) were delicious.

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did i miss something how is this an online deal?
Because you get the coupon online and its a great deal maybe?
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Who doesn't like free food? Sounds like a deal to me!

Too bad Jack in the Box doesn't exist in Wisconsin. Sucks that I lost my only Quiznos sometime last year too (sub deal).
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It ends soon! Hurry and get it while you can!
Woot, I got like 5 people on my Steam friends list to go. I just got back.

Curly fries are like greasy heaven.
nice! i will use, thanx.
They should pay me to eat that crap. It's poison.
Whoas! Free food! Thanks! +rep
Darn, sounds good. Too bad there isn't a Jack in the Box in the south western region of Pennsylvania, I think. (I haven't even ever seen one in all my travels)
dam why did jack in the box have to move away from the midwest
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what is with this whole jack in the box is dying? the commercial runs here like crazy and iv never even seen one.

free food! best online deal ever.
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