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I just got my replacement 940 today, and it has the following stepping: CACVC AC 0850DPMW

I just google 0850DPMW to see, and, the first hit is a guy pushing 4.5?!?

He has charts showing 3.9 and 4.0 also... Most of the others are showing 3.5, 3.6, etc on the other google hits. I'm not sure if I should be cautiously optimistic, or faking sickness to leave work early...

Either way, I can't wait to get home...

Does anyone know about the numbers and what they mean yet?
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no, sorry

-as for the steppings, at this point everyone has had the same stepping (CACVC) with some different production dates (all '08 so far, and weeks 48/49/50/51), and none have shown to be good or bad when OCing.

So Your stepping is the same as everyones. Your production date can vary though.
CACVC (08) Year (50) Week (DPMW) Maybe location?
Ok, so... this setup is officially stable. 8 hours in prime, ran SuperPI 1m, occt, etc... it took it all and didn't break 53c. Then I lapped it (considering it a success) and it's now capping out at 48. Not amazing, but, hey...
yup... I got proof!

Any suggestions on how to push higher?
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