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Java StringTokenizer

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I'm writing a program that strips a string of all punctuation and spaces, example:

original: "Hello, my name is Nuxes", he said.
new: HellomynameisNuxeshesaid

I know you set the delimiters like this:

StringTokenizer(instring," ,.!?'")

But how would you use a double quotation mark (") as a delimiter? It gets confused if you throw one in with the rest of the punctuation marks, thinking that this is the end of the delimiters, and ending up with one too many ".
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Put a slash before it: \\"

StringTokenizer(instring," ,.!?'\\"")
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Originally Posted by Kuntz
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Put a slash before it: \\"

StringTokenizer(instring," ,.!?'\\"")

Thank you! rep+
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