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Joint operations

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Does anyone have the game? Is it piracy if I ask someone to send me a downloadable copy if I own the game but its just scracthed and the disk wont work? I have the cd key. I just need the program.
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I really liked this game the graphics Where AWSOME for being made in 2004. Just my 1.6Ghz, and geforce 2 mx 400 couldnt handle it on lowest settings...
Yes and yes. as how would you actually prove that you own the game. even if you scanned pictures of the disks you owned doesn't mean they are actually yours.
this game is old ant the graqphics were bad but it was fun to play. just torrent a copy for yourself if you truly have a working cd key from a retail version then you will have no problem playing the game online. i lost my cd for this game a couple months ago and i did what i just suggested and mine works great
DONT EVER SAY THAT JOINT OPS GFX suck they where amazing.
Well i mean for there time they where awsome.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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