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[JonnyGuru] Hiper S625 625W

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80 Plus certified units have been coming out of the woodwork around here lately, and despite repeated calls to the exterminator they don't seem to be stopping their invasion. Today I'm fending off the ongoing attack by looking at the Hiper S625, which comes in at 625 watts of power and boasts Bronze certification. This means that 80 Plus tested one of these bad boys and found that it held up to a minimum 82% efficiency between 20% and 100% of full power.

A compact design is boasted by an equally compact box in the above picture. Other things boasted about are SLI readiness, a three year warranty, and a silent fan *under normal load. So, there are no guarantees about fan silence *under high loads. Why yes, I am enjoying poking fun at the box's fine print. Thank you for asking.

The box also advertises RoHS compliance as well as the fact that it was designed in the UK. "85% efficiency - save energy bill up to 15%." I'm confused here... does that mean it will save me 15% of all my energy bills, thus increasing the chance I'll never get another SaskEnergy bill? What about SaskPower? SaskTel? Oh wait, that's not an energy bill. Rats.

You know, the way things work around here, one of these days I fully expect to wake up and find that the provincial government has SaskChanged the SaskName of the SaskProvince to SaskSask. I mean, come on guys... after a while the whole thing just gets SaskGoofy.
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A sleeve bearing fan isn't going to last very long in a hot environment like a PSU...
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