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[Joystiq]Capcom:Wii RE Fans Will Be Happy Soon

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Though we're usually reticent to make a connection between ravenous undead hordes and happiness, Capcom's Resident Evil franchise has proven adept at uniting dire consequences with gaming euphoria. With Resident Evil 5 set to launch on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on March 13th, Wii owners may have felt somewhat left out of all the neck-chomping fun.

While submitting that Resident Evil 5 "pushes the boundaries of graphics and gameplay," Capcom's Associate Product Marketing Manager, Matt Dahlgren, had something more to say when prodded about a Wii version. "It was made for the Xbox 360 and PS3," he told our correspondent, Xav de Matos, at a recent Capcom event in Toronto. "That being said, Nintendo Wii fans will be very happy very soon."

When asked if we could expect an announcement during this month's GDC or E3 later this year, Dahlgren only offered, "Very soon." The exact nature of this impending happiness is up for speculation (examples: Biohazard 0's Wii port coming stateside! A remake! Umbrella Chronicles 2!), so we'll leave that to you.

-Resident Evil Core:Veronica Wiimake (HIGHLY doubtful)
-Umbrella Chronicles 2

Either would be fabulous
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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