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[Joystiq] Fallout 3: Motivations, enemies and perks of 'The Pitt'

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GameSpy recently sat down with Bethesda senior producer -- lead producer of all DLC -- Jeff Gardiner to discuss The Pitt, revealing a host of interesting tidbits for Fallout 3 fans. The Pitt begins with the player encountering an escaped slave, named Werhner, from Pittsburgh, who claims the leader of The Pitt has discovered a cure for mutations. After disguising themselves as a slave, players will have to "find work, and figure out how to gain audience with raider boss."

New quest lines, "stylized" Power Armor and weapons aren't the only things added to Fallout 3 with The Pitt DLC; new mutated foes will hunt down the player. Trogs (pictured above) are subhuman life forms, heavily mutated by the unique Pittsburgh radiation. "They scurry around on all fours, fear the light, and hunt in large packs," said Gardiner.

The Pitt is expected to add the same amount of game time to Fallout 3 as Operation: Anchorage did; however, players will be able to return to The Pitt when their quest is completed. Three of the four achievements added for The Pitt will be obtained by completing the quest. The last is "much more difficult," involving the collection of one hundred steel ingots found in the area.

Three new perks have also made the travel to Pittsburgh. One adds to the "killing efficacy" of the new Auto Axe melee weapon, another relates to the extreme radiation of the area, and the last is "rewarded after completing a Pitt fight." The Pitt DLC releases on the Xbox 360 and Games for Windows Live on March 24 for 800 ($10).

source : http://planetfallout.gamespy.com/art...-Jeff-Gardiner

didn't see this posted... as usual, i hope it owns. Fallout 3 = awesome
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i'd rather have a big content expansion than little chapters that last an hour or two that you have to pay to buy online. the oblivion boxed expansions were better IMO. more bang for your buck. fallout 3 is such a big game that it deserves a big new expansion for those who have finished it. IMO the chinese-war era presented a bigger opportunity than the last DLC provided.
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