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[Joystiq]RE5 CineDirector Wants Capcom Movie

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Jim Sonzero, the cinematic director who worked on soon-to-be-released Resident Evil 5 told MTV that he's in talks with Capcom to develop a live-action film based on one of the company's properties. No young upstart, Sonzero has worked on commercials and a feature film, Wes Craven's Pulse (presumably, Jim Sonzero's Pulse lacked a little marquee punch).

Sonzero's not talking specific IPs, so we'll leave it to you in the comments to speculate. Here, we'll start. Vin Diesel + blue armor + an arm that is a gun = box office gold.


While I didn't like RE5's story overall, the cinematics had to be some of the best I've ever seen done in a game. Even MGS4, which is most 85% cinematics

All the cutscenes had a Hollywood film feel from the motion capturing to do the actual camera. They really kept it Hollywood like but at the same time remembered that RE5 is a video game. For example, every boss cutscene and mini-boss like the chainsaw cutscene felt like I was at the climax of a movie but at the same time revealed enough to me the weakpoints or the attack style of the him/her/it.
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Originally Posted by Hellisforheroes View Post
so in other words he wants to take capcom forward from their CGI movie into live-action.

i am sceptical. degeneration was able to be what it was because it wasnt filmed or acted by real on screen actors. that way the games characters and story can be portrayed in a more accurate way. even if capcom do attempt a live-action movie it'd probably be much like the Viral Campaign's they released to promote RE5. Which would work. But films in franchises this big usually require big acting roles. who never actually look like the character they are playing and/or completely ignore the subject matter to further promote their own careers *cough* wahlberg *cough*.
The viral campaigns suck. The make Chris look like a..... "cat"
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