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[JoyStiq]Uncharted 2 gets DLC fort free

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PS3 owners will want to stay home on Black Friday. Why? Naughty Dog is releasing the first downloadable content for Uncharted 2's multiplayer mode this Friday, November 27. A title update will add "The Fort," a brand new multiplayer map supposedly based on the "Fortress" chapter of Drake's Fortune. According to the press release, "The Fort is a long rectangular map with wide open spaces and excellent flank routes." There's a shotgun in the center of the map and an RPG in the crypt (the inevitable resting place of people on the wrong end of that weapon). Best of all, this update will be free.

Naughty Dog is win. That is all.
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Freaking awesome. Thanks for posting this.

Naughty Dog is an amazing company. I would love to work there some day.
Naughty Dog FTW, if you still havent, check their videos in the bouns section of the menu in uncharted 2.
Awesome! The first things I got from the in game unlocks were the behind the scenes type videos.

An aspiring 3D animator can only hope to work somewhere as awesome as Naughty Dog.
Just got to chapter 23 of Uncharted 2 last night, awesome game!

We need more companies like this
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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