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[Joystiq-X]RE5 #6 Most XBL Played This Week

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Major Nelson has posted Xbox Live activity for the week of March 9. Not much has changed from last week, with Halo 3 still occupying the top spot closely followed by both Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty 4. Rounding out the top five are Gears of War 2 and GTAIV in the fourth and fifth spots, respectively.

Resident Evil 5 debuted at number six -- an impressive feat considering it released on a Friday -- pushing Halo Wars to the seventh slot. In turn, Left 4 Dead dropped from seven to eight, followed by FIFA 09 and Street Fighter IV at nine and ten. With versus DLC headed to Resident Evil 5, it will be interesting to watch its Live performance in the coming weeks.

Peggle, unsurprisingly, was the most purchased Xbox Live Arcade game of the week. You should try it. It's harmless, we promise.


I would've expected 4 or 5. Then again, the game ain't for everyone :-/
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