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[Joystiq-X]RE5 Sells 4 Million

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Capcom this morning gave a hearty "Thanks, partner!" to its recently-shipped Resident Evil 5. According to the company, the survival horror action game has already shipped more than 4 million copies worldwide since March 5, when it first infected Japanese retail shelves. Granted, this figure just represents copies shipped, not sold, though we're sure those numbers are in a barrel around here somewhere.

Echoing this, Capcom noted that the demo has also been downloaded over 4 million times since it was released. The latest adventure in Capcom's long-running series has been gaining some impressive, if predictable traction among reviewers. However, as you may have read (or heard), the experience is not without its problems, even if we can't quit staring at Chris Redfield's impressive guns.

Go RE go.
While not my favorite in the series, RE5 is a godsend for me. I haven't spent this much time with a video game since..... probably the last RE. Over the past 2 weeks, I've probably racked up a good 80-something hours.
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Originally Posted by vtech1 View Post
where is the PC version???

So pumped and waiting to play on PC.
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and this proves why capcom's knowledge of optimal release dates has led to extra success.
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nice one. everyone was pumped up for this game. its one of those series that guarantees you value for your money. and RE5 is no exception. Just after not even a week too. jeez.
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