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Over $4.4 billion dollars of AIBs shipped in the quarter.

“The add-in graphics board market behaved seasonally in Q4'17, decreasing 4.6% sequentially, explained Jon Peddie, president of the industry’s research consulting firm Jon Peddie Research. The seasonal ten-year average for Q4 is -4.4%%, and this year it was just below that, which we think is due to the sharp rise in prices driven by cryptocurrency miner’s demand.”

The market shares for the desktop discrete GPU suppliers shifted in the quarter too.

Over three million add-in boards (AIBs) were sold to cryptocurrency miners worth $776 million in 2017. AMD was the primary benefactor of those sales.
Quarter-to-quarter graphics board shipments decreased 4.6% and increased 9.7% year-to-year.

Source: https://www.jonpeddie.com/store/add-in-board-report
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