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Juggalo23451's ex wife

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My name is Jamie I'm currently engaged to the forum's Water cooling editor lol. He told me to write that!

I'm from Aurora, CO. I've been actively using computers since I was in elementary school. I'm not too crazy about gaming but I'm learning with my spare time. I'm more of a book nerd than a computer nerd. :)

The most work I've done building/overclocking a system is helping Jason mod his and my build. That or nagging him.
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Well, I can't say I expected this. Welcome, and keep up the modding and nagging!
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Sounds no different than my mother nagging when I built my PC. Anyway, welcome to the forums. I was hoping to build my first water cooling kit and he has given me great advice on parts to buy.
Welcome To OCN.
finally, im not the only one with his girl on here lol. welcome.

Originally Posted by G|F.E.A.D|Killa View Post
finally, im not the only one with his girl on here lol. welcome.
My girl lurks but doesnt post.
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Lol, my ex thought OCN was some OCD forum.
Hey and welcome to OCN, Juggalo is a pretty awesome person imo. Enjoy your stay
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So many responses because I'm a girl lol!

<3 Thanks everyone! And Yes I am the tired looking girl in some of the youtube videos lol

Originally Posted by jme1989 View Post
So many responses because I'm a girl lol
you are very much outnumbered...we see a woman and we are intrigued.
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Welcome to the Forums..
..Has he got you hooked on WC'ing yet?
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