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"Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. I used the F word this morning on the golf course."
"Tell me, my son, what were the circumstances that put you under such extreme provocation?"
"I drove my tee shot three hundred metres, but the wind suddenly caught it and it landed in the rough."
"I can appreciate your disappointment. I am a golfer myself."
"No, that's not it, Father. I hit a beautiful shot out of the rough. It dropped about ten metres short and rolled into a bunker."
"Now," said the priest, "I can really understand you using the F word."
"No, Father. I pulled out my sand wedge and hit a perfect shot. In fact, the ball hit the pin and bounced two inches from the hole."
"Is that where you used the F word?"
"No, Father"
"Don't tell me you missed the f***ing putt!"

What's the true meaning of embarrassment??
Running into a wall with a hard on and your nose breaking first.
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