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Just got GTX 260 55nm!!!

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I installed it and everything, and i've overclocked it stable at 699/1154/1506 what else could i do in terms of overclocking it, and are those good clocks? I just picked random numbers muahhaha
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What were your benchmarks before the OC and after?
Haha i was so excited i didn't even do Benchmarks BAWHAHA
But with my 9800 GTX it was was like 13000 idk why but i cant seem to get my q6600 higher -.-
Congrats on the new card, you may be able to take it a bit higher. Check out the 55nm GTX 260 thread in my sig
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Congrats man i love mine and overclocking with this card is great. I have mine up to 720core/1552shader/1225memory i had it slightly higher in vista/win7 but xp hates overclocked video cards. Enjoy man i love it it shreds crysis at 1280x1024 and i get 57fps average.
good clocks yeah nice!
I hate these threads, they made me sad
. Congratulaitons on your new toy though
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haha Polska i feel for you man everybody with X58's and I7's
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Originally Posted by Vietnamisthebest
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haha Polska i feel for you man everybody with X58's and I7's

A good quad / dual that gets 4.0Ghz is just about Equal to the i7, don't feel bad..
They paid FULL PRICE, wait til Fall, prices will drop $50-75 across the floor
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Nice clocks, If you can get your Q6600 Overclocked a little further you will really see that GTX 260 start to shine. From what I hear the thing will bottle-neck even a quad core, up until you get about 3.2Ghz+. I don't know for sure though. I haven't tried running any benches with this card and my CPU at stock speed.
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