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Just got Heatsink. Overclocked and wondering about my current settings

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Just received a Coolermaster Hyper 212+ and instantely tried an overclock to 3.6. My idle temps didnt change at all. Guesing its a problem with my sensor but ofcourse the load temps are way lower, Especially at 3.6 GHZ. Here is a pic of my config. Does it look good?

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You won't see much temp increase from stock 3 GHz to 3.6 mostly because most chips can do that without vCore increase. But the temps look good.
think i could hit 3.8? Im assuming that would mean overclocking my ram since its at 1:1 right now and its running at 800mhz... or would i not see much of a perf inscrease from 3.6 to 3.8
The easiest way, set the RAM timings to auto and increase the CPU a little at a time and see how it goes.
When you say ram timings, do you mean DRAM Freq? I think the timings are allready on auto...
By timings I mean; CAS Latency, RAS to CAS, RAS Precharge, tRAC.
Ok, i think they already are on auto, but the mobo put them at their stock speeds 6-6-6-18
That's ok. Just up the FSB a little. boot in windows, stress for a short time and restart increase again. Just keep going until you are unstable or you are happy with it.
Alright sounds good. Should i leave my voltage as it is for now?
Never increase it until it's needed, well that's what I try to stand by. Hope it turns out good for ya. I'll be out for a bit but I'll check back later to see how you made out.
tried a fsb of 417, it didnt want to boot. Do you think its the ram or the cpu voltage?
When i say didnt boot. When i clicked save, screen went black. Had to hold the power down and then got a error saying OC failed. Put it back to 400 FSB. Any ideas?
Well to help find out if it's the RAM you can set the CPU multi to something lower so that way it will run the CPU lower than it should and won't change the RAM. If it boots, then you know it's the CPU and you might just need a vCore voltage increase. Only up it little by little until it's stable. That way you don't use more voltage than what might be needed. Also, check the OCing guides in the intel CPU section. There should be a sticky there called OCing "essentials" or something like that. The guide are great to look into. I'm also in the process of writing a limitations guide to find out the limits of a system to help be able to get the better OC on a system.

I'll check back tomorrow to see if you still need help.

Originally Posted by flightsimnerd
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When i say didnt boot. When i clicked save, screen went black. Had to hold the power down and then got a error saying OC failed. Put it back to 400 FSB. Any ideas?

Time to bump up core voltage. And im sure you can unlink you Dram:FSB freq.
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Thanks guys. What voltage should i try?? Its currently on 1.25750. That is what have in BIOS. Check the pic on the first page of this thread to see what shows up on CPU-Z
Well tried a whole bunch of combos... Didnt work. Guess its just my motherboard. Man i was hoping to get to atleast 3.8 Ghz.
Any other suggestions? I havent tried changing ram timings. What would i change them to? If they are stock 6-6-6-18. Would i try 5-5-5-15 or soemthing?
Well, did you try setting the CPU multipler lower to see if it was the RAM?
just a suggestion here, if you want a quick way to test stability you should try intel burn test...just so you dont have to sit through tons of prime/orthos calculations(well you know, not sit through but wait for them to finish before you want to game or something)
I dont seem to have an option to change the multi. Did IBT and am perfectly stable at 3.6 ghz with a voltage of 1.23750. Also tried FSB of 411 for a total of like 3.7 ghz but was told its not even worth it if it means changing your voltage... Really wish i could hit 4.0. But i guess my crappy mobo and ram restritcs me.
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